Spit in the Ocean

Any thinking person watching the farce in Washington, DC understands they are the joke but knows the joke is on us. A little more than two percent gets a lot of political mileage from politicians who are more concerned about themselves than a nation. Each day, we are treated to dire predictions of gloom and doom about to pounce on our very existence like a Cheetah upon a Gazelle.

Each party blames the other while trying to stake out a position they calculate will help get them re-elected. The Democrats claim Republicans are to blame because of their aversion to raising taxes “on the rich.” They don’t tell you simple math proves taxes must be raised on everyone to afford their spendthrift ways. The Republicans pretend they have fiscal sense and want to cut spending. They conveniently forget they supported most of the spending when their party had the White House. Ironically, the one group of fiscally sensible politicians is vilified by the liberal media and Tea Party members are made to look like racist, bible thumping caricatures from the depths Hell.

I am not endorsing one party over the next. In fact, I think they are all a bunch of self-serving criminals in dire need of a time out by today’s standards of discipline but I much rather prefer the corporal punishment imposed by my parents’ generation. It was far more effective. I am in favor of doing what is right for the nation as a whole and to Hell with re-election strategies. This may be naïve but I think if the idiots in Washington did the job right their re-election will take care of itself.

It seems President Obama delights in warning Americans of the Armageddon awaiting us when we awake on March 1. Apparently, illegal immigrants will stream over the border because of reduced border patrols. And that will be different how?
Air traffic will come to a screeching halt as the FAA furloughs air traffic controllers at the busiest airports. I have an idea: if you have to furlough air traffic controllers, why not choose airports that are less busy.

I have another idea: why not choose other areas in the budget to cut. Maybe curtail the president’s “scare-Americans tour by reducing his travels across the nation. We can take perks away from Senators and Congressman so maybe they will focus on doing their jobs.

You mean to tell me no one in Washington can figure out a way to cut two percent out of a bloated budget without the world ending. The hysteria over an $85 billion spending cut from a $3.8 trillion budget is silly. It amounts to spit in the ocean and about as significant as taking two cents away from a dollar.

We have seen this horror movie before. The first crisis was the debt ceiling. The sequel was the fiscal cliff. The trilogy is now sub-titled “The Sequester.” This “Nightmare at 1600” needs to stop. Tell Rocky the fight is over, have Jason finally die and go away and someone tell Bruce Willis to die soft.

Managing a budget is simple. Do not spend more money than you make. If revenues do not cover expenses either increase revenue or cut spending. Pretending that taxing the richest segment of the population will make the budget whole is as silly as thinking $85 billion will alter society. The government will not raise the needed funds and the next step will be to lower the income level to have those other rich Americans pay their fair share.

The current budget has a $900 billion deficit which is ridiculous. Anyone faced with deficit spending knows spending cuts are inevitable and needed. The bottom line is our leaders have a duty and obligation to manage the country not their respective re-election campaigns.

True leaders would be focused on balancing the budget within the projected revenue of this fiscal year. We do not have true leaders in Washington.

About Armando Diana

A freelance writer for more than 30 years I covered the political scene in New Jersey which can prepare anyone for national politics. I have no fancy political degrees and I'm definitely not a lawyer - I am a common person who is fed up with politics. I want leaders focused on doing what is right for the country, not for them.
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