No sense in airline travel

I drove three hours from Houston to San Antonio to hop a one-hour flight from San Antonio to Houston. Seems illogical right? Apparently, that inconvenience afforded me is logical to United Airlines.

On a recent trip to Texas I flew from Philadelphia to Houston and then on to San Antonio. The return trip was a reverse course. However, my plans changed necessitating a three hour drive to Houston two days prior to my return flight.

I called United Airlines and asked if I could simply go to the Houston airport and pick up the second leg of my return flight. I was told that maneuver would void the entire trip requiring a change fee of $200 per ticket.

Other than throwing common sense out the window and creating a customer experience that rivals sticking needles in my eyes, the airline lost revenue. On the surface, the airline had a seat it could have re-sold. I was not looking for a refund, just convenience. That’s double income on one seat. Under the surface, I will travel other airlines and try to convince as many people as possible to do the same. That’s lost opportunity income the airline gets to enjoy.

The mind-boggling episode reminded me the lack of common sense is not relegated to politics.

About Armando Diana

A freelance writer for more than 30 years I covered the political scene in New Jersey which can prepare anyone for national politics. I have no fancy political degrees and I'm definitely not a lawyer - I am a common person who is fed up with politics. I want leaders focused on doing what is right for the country, not for them.
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1 Response to No sense in airline travel

  1. Frank Diana says:

    You are not alone. See this now famous video regarding United Airlines.

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