Ducking the real reason but suspending tolerance

Liberals like to refer to themselves as “progressives” because in their mind traditional views should have died with Neanderthals.  They bask in the glory of their psychological bubbles thinking they are better than those who may not share their views.

At one point, the Liberals were the champions of free speech and first amendment rights.  But something funny happened on the way back from the Vietnam War and Watergate.  The group that prided itself on having tolerance for views outside traditional views cannot tolerate anyone with views outside “progressive” thought.

Phil Robertson is on Reality TV show called Duck Dynasty that appears on the A & E network.  I have never seen the show and do not intend to watch it because I do not like reality TV.  Apparently, the network exploits the antics of a family in the backcountry from middle America.  Progressives refer to these folks as “rednecks” in the confines of their tolerance.

In a magazine article, Robertson made disparaging comments about homosexuals and seemingly questioned the need for federal entitlement programs.  A & E promptly suspended him indefinitely from the series.  I guess people of tolerance can only tolerate views that coincide with their own.

Despite President Obama’s best efforts, America is still a free country and we have the right to free speech.  However, with that right comes responsibility and accountability to accept the consequences for what we say.  A & E can do whatever they feel is appropriate and Robertson should accept the consequence of his words.  Likewise, A & E had better be willing to accept the consequences of its actions from Robertson, his family, and millions of viewers.

And therein lies the rub.  Those who monitor what we say under the guise of sensitivity prefer their standards to be one way and are not tolerant of opposing viewpoints.  I do not agree with what Robertson said but he is entitled to his opinion.  I do not condone flag burning, believe in what the Arian Nation, KKK or any other extreme group believes but they are entitled to share their opinion.

A & E is happy to profit by exploiting the “authentic” country family.  The dirty little secret is the network closely monitors and edits that family to make you think you are getting reality.  But when true reality happens the network pretends it is being real.  If A & E is that offended by their Golden Goose series, they should shut it down and show real commitment to their support for Gays and Lesbians.  They will not do that because they want it both ways (excuse the pun).

After a certain amount of time, Robertson will return to the series and issue an apology.  The network will resume making money; as I am sure the first episode back will garner high rating.  Robertson will continue to make money and headlines.

Even the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) is getting a piece of the pie.  The organization sent letters to supporters decrying this travesty with a fundraising appeal.  When all is said and the offended offend those not offended by the original statement, it all comes down to money.

About Armando Diana

A freelance writer for more than 30 years I covered the political scene in New Jersey which can prepare anyone for national politics. I have no fancy political degrees and I'm definitely not a lawyer - I am a common person who is fed up with politics. I want leaders focused on doing what is right for the country, not for them.
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2 Responses to Ducking the real reason but suspending tolerance

  1. Larry Coyne says:

    Sure Liberal Progressives are lame, but so are Conservatives and the so called moderates who vacillate in the middle. I’ll go ahead and say it: I place most of today’s big societal problems squarely on the Western (Roman and Protestant) Church and it’s complete lack of spirituality and its lack of appeal, in particular to men. Most guys I know want to fight for a glorious and honorable cause and get filthy dirty in the process. Or we want to lounge around and watch sports. But most churches want us to behave like nice quiet feminized “gentle” men, which is not the way God made us. Consequently many in the Western clergy fit that soft mold and so we have a never ending cycle. Christ was a man. He was an intellectual and a carpenter. His apostles were opinionated tough men of trades. Yes, they had love in their hearts, but they were also some very tough guys. They faced the Romans and the self righteous clergy of their day head on. For instance, Christ calling his disciples to follow Him –and they did because they recognized His rugged leadership style, or Christ overturning the tables at the Temple (imagine if He did this today at the Vatican…), or Peter pulling out his sword and cutting off the soldier’s ear (the concealed handgun of its day). These are things that men understand. It is time we men take a stand to regain our churches, our families, and our very lives. We need to stop the wussification of our society. Nothing good is coming out of it.

    • Larry Coyne says:

      Jeez, Peter cut the High Priest’s ear, not the soldier’s… Sorry, I got ahead of myself and mixed up that detail.

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