The Race is not the issue unless it helps advance another agenda

If white people demonstrated and chanted “Don’t break the law” in Ferguson would the media give them the same coverage it gives the miscreants that loot and continually break the law? I suspect they would be labeled racists and lampooned by the likes of Jon Stewart.

I bet the media, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and every other sycophant eager to promote himself would be up in arms if white athletes wore T-shirts inscribed with “Don’t break the law.” I have some unsolicited advice for athletes: no one cares what you think. We pay top dollar to watch you perform athletic feats we dream about not hear your political views.

The bottom line is a boy unfortunately lost his life because of the actions he chose to take and in doing so forced another human being to live the rest of his life with an asterisk by his name. Officer Darren Wilson did not wake up that day thinking “Gee let me kill a Black person today.”  In my opinion, he killed Michael Brown in self-defense and not because he’s a racist.  If he is a racist, he’ll have to defend his views on his final Judgment Day.

I am tired of the circus created by a few race baiters and a convenient excuse for some to steal and destroy other people’s property. I can understand members of the Brown family overreacting to what they feel is an injustice.  I can’t understand why people who did not know him when he was alive and do not know the family believe destroying property serves any purpose.

Here’s a news flash to the idiots in Ferguson who are looting, rioting and causing havoc: If you do not want to be depicted as a stereotype it’s a good idea not to act in a stereotypical way

In 2012, 123 Blacks were killed by white police with a gun while 326 Whites were killed by Black police with a gun.  Whites did not demonstrate, protest or create any issues and neither did the Blacks for that matter.  Yet, the media portrays this one instance as symptomatic of pervasive racism among police officers.  It’s stupid and irresponsible.

The Eric Garner case appears to be different but based on what I know of the facts I do not believe Officer Dan Pantaleo choked him because he is a racist. I think he would have used the same force against any person in such a skirmish.  I have yet to find anyone in the heat of a battle decide on a different course of action because of the color of one’s skin.  It’s a fight and people use whatever means necessary when fighting.

The demonstrators threaten continued violence if they do not have their demands met. How are those tactics any different than the ones used by terrorists?  President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton routinely say Americans should emphasize with and respect our enemies.

So why isn’t President Obama suggesting the same approach to the demonstrators?


About Armando Diana

A freelance writer for more than 25 years I covered the political scene in New Jersey which can prepare anyone for national politics. I have no fancy political degrees and I'm definitely not a lawyer - I am a common person who is fed up with politics. I want leaders focused on doing what is right for the country, not for them.
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