Freedom of Speech goes both ways and not the simply for the “Progessive” elite

Freedom of speech means having the opportunity to express your opinions and ideas without fear of repercussions.  Freedom of expression, sometimes used synonymously, includes the act of seeking, receiving and imparting information or ideas.

Freedom of Speech has on-gong skirmishes with the Thought Police, euphemistically referred to as political correctness, when it comes to certain subjects but not others.  A recent example is Dan Murphy, a baseball player with the Mets.

The front office had a homosexual address the team about his struggles having to hide his sexual preferences during an eight year playing career.  Afterwards Murphy said “I disagree with his lifestyle… That doesn’t mean I can’t still invest in him and get to know him. I don’t think the fact that someone is a homosexual should completely shut the door on investing in them in a relational aspect.”

OK, so what is wrong with a homosexual expressing his views to a group of people?  Nothing.  By the same token, what is wrong with Murphy expressing his opinion on the matter?  Nothing.

And that’s just what it’s supposed to be but, of course, Murphy has come under fire for saying what he said and later commented he will keep his comments to baseball related matters.

Why is it OK to express one opinion – in this case being a homosexual in a sport – but not OK to express the opposing view?  Personally I think all athletes, movie stars, and entertainers should keep their opinions to themselves but they have every right to express themselves.

The media favors liberal views and presents anything contrary in a poor light.  Don’t believe that? Let’s take a look at how the media portrays certain “issues”

  • Pro-Choice views are considered progressive; Pro-Life views are archaic or extreme.
  • If Pro-Life advocate want to control a woman’s body why don’t Pro-Choice advocates want to control religious views?
  • Proponents of gay marriage are enlightened; Those who oppose gay marriage are Bible-thumping nuts
  • Illegal immigrants are escaping an oppressive life and those who oppose them are bigots

Is any of the above true? No.  It is what we are led to believe is the truth but there are three sides to every truth: your side, my side, and the actual truth which typically lies in the middle.

It’s simply a way to control the dialogue and, by doing so, promote an agenda.  How an issue is initially framed dictates how the issue is skewed.  Journalists are subtle in how they go about framing an issue.  Here is a not so subtle example.  Let’s pretend I am interviewing you and ask “So, now that you no longer beat your wife, do you think cutting taxes is a good idea?

Extreme but you get the point.  Freedom of Speech is for everyone to enjoy without fear of being persecuted for those beliefs.  This is America and that is what we stand for and why so many people want to become citizens…..legally!

About Armando Diana

A freelance writer for more than 30 years I covered the political scene in New Jersey which can prepare anyone for national politics. I have no fancy political degrees and I'm definitely not a lawyer - I am a common person who is fed up with politics. I want leaders focused on doing what is right for the country, not for them.
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