We have a choice to avoid the lesser of two evils

Political analysts and so-called experts are still trying to figure out what how Donald Trump is doing so well in the Republican primary. For the past year, they have predicted and are still waiting for him to implode.  The only thing imploding is their ego.

Most elitists have an inability to relate to the great unwashed because they think they are better than us.   Do you think it has ever occurred to the Washington Elites that perhaps they are the ones out of synch with Americans?

I’ll make it easy for them.  It’s really not Trump that people love.  It’s what he’s saying and the fact that he takes no you-know-what from the media, colleagues, or opponents.  Trump is saying what most Americans are thinking and is getting away with it.  Who wouldn’t love that?

Americans are fed up with both political parties.  We can no longer stand the political correctness, the inactivity, the grandstanding, or the one-upmanship that passes off as congressional business.  America is the Titanic and our political leaders are bailing with thimbles.

They just do not get it.  And, in a delicious ironic twist, they ripened the environment that Trump is now harvesting.

Think of it this way: Daddy Ball ruins the fabric of any youth sports team. What happens after a few seasons of dealing with Little Johnny’s reduced playing time because the coach’s son is on the field for every play?  They leave and start their own team.  Why would that be any different in the political arena?  It’s just takes longer to unfold.

When Ronald Reagan rose to prominence, Liberals were beside themselves and unable to deliver an antidote.  The tables were turn on Conservatives when Bill Clinton rose to White House fame.  Neither man started a new party but was able to coalesce the factions of their party for a common goal.  That doesn’t seem possible in today’s environment.

Trump is neither of those two men. But he is basking in the same cesspool that made it possible for both men to rise above the muck.  He is doing it his way (with apologies to Frank Sinatra) and not allowing himself to be defined by others.  A good example came in the most recent debates.  The media tried to portray him as an angry man and he accepted the mantle with pride and turned it around into a positive.   He’s mad as Hell that America is run so poorly.  Other than both political parties, who isn’t upset at what America is becoming?

Both political parties profit by keeping things status quo.  It’s like any other time you are faced with an arrogant ass.  You just want to stick it to him.  Along comes Trump and sticks it to the Washington Elites.

I think given a choice most Americans will say Trump is not their ideal person for the job.  He is too much of an egomaniac and narcissist to run a country.  But he has tapped into the anger towards the ruling class.  It’s time they go away.

I think we need an outsider to be president. Being an outsider may get you elected but will it help you get things done once elected?  Trump has proven he is an outsider but can he persuade 535 people to back his plans without the threat of imminent termination that he wields in Corporate America?  It takes finesse.  It takes relationships.  It takes persuasion.  Eventually his act will wear thin on the American public – maybe after he’s in office – but it will wear thin.  Then what?

I am hoping for an election where I do not have to pick the lesser of two evils…..again.  Anyone the Democrats nominate is automatically the first evil.  There is no question in my mind that another Democrat in the White House is a bad idea.  Trump will represent the lesser of two evils in that choice.

We can do better.  Senator Ted Cruz falls into the outsider category.  He is not well liked by both political parties so that automatically tells me he’s his own man.  He understands government and can navigate Congress and the Senate.  He may not be your cup of tea but what politician is?  The Republican Primary gives us an opportunity to find a leader. If you do not like Cruz, Senator Marco Rubio and Governor Chris Christie are also  better choices than Trump.

About Armando Diana

A freelance writer for more than 30 years I covered the political scene in New Jersey which can prepare anyone for national politics. I have no fancy political degrees and I'm definitely not a lawyer - I am a common person who is fed up with politics. I want leaders focused on doing what is right for the country, not for them.
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