There is no place for Socialism in America

If Bernie Sanders actually gets more delegates than Hillary Clinton would he be willing to give her half of them?

If he follows the policies he wants to inflict on America he should have no problem sharing his delegates.  Since he wants to take from those who have and give to those who have not, I find my suggestion appropriate.

The fact a self-professed Socialist is even being considered for the Democratic nominee is an abomination to America.  He captured 83 percent of the 18 to 29 vote in the New Hampshire primary and his appeal is growing among millennials.  That voting segment risks going 0 for three in presidential elections if he prevails among that block of voters.

When you peel this onion back it seems clear why he appeals to this voter sect. They do not yet comprehend the essence of what he intends.   I was speaking to a high school teacher who was flabbergasted that her students didn’t know about the income tax.  She said her students were surprised when she said those who had part time jobs had to file tax returns.

A friend’s millennial son was shocked to learn he had to pay for his medical plan as part of the deductions in his pay check.  Another friend told me her high school senior son was upset he had to pay for his tuxedo rentals once he agreed to escort five friends to their proms.  My friend explained the five rentals plus corsages and other expenses would amount to upwards of $1,000 and she didn’t have that much disposable income to pay for it all.

Her son could not comprehend why someone else could not pay for him.  In short, he wants the fun without the bill.  Sound familiar?

I get the sense the younger generation has no concept of money.  Most millennials have spent their lives with the Bank of Mom and Dad picking up the tab for everything so they naturally believe someone else will be responsible for their bills.

Is it any wonder they would support a lunatic who is offering to pay their bills with someone else’s money?  The dirty little secret is someone else’s money is really their money.  By the time they figure this out it will be too late for the country.   Reality will be a terrible thing when the weight of debt crashes their world.

It may be time for us to consider changing the voting laws and raise the age for voter eligibility to 21.  As a nation, if we do not trust 18 year olds to drink responsibly why do we trust them to vote responsibly?  Choosing a leader requires a depth of understanding of the issues that most people – let alone teenagers- do not comprehend.

I am not in favor of such a change unless you also change the Selective Service age.  If we are willing to have our 18 year olds killed in combat we should be willing to give them the ability to kill the country.

At the very least, parents need to explain the basic economics of working for a living.  We cannot rely on the schools to responsibly teach children basic economic principles.  Unfortunately, most schools are bastions of Liberalism more intent on indoctrinating than teaching.

It is a simple choice.  Do you think taking money from one group to give to another group works better than each person keeping the money they earned?  Taxes must be paid.  The government provides services and people need to pay for those services. But relying on one group to pay taxes for another group just does not work in the long run.

About Armando Diana

A freelance writer for more than 30 years I covered the political scene in New Jersey which can prepare anyone for national politics. I have no fancy political degrees and I'm definitely not a lawyer - I am a common person who is fed up with politics. I want leaders focused on doing what is right for the country, not for them.
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