The media should watch A Clockwork Orange to figure out why they can’t win

Is the media a Clockwork Orange? I am not referring to the book or the movie – although that also applies – but the object.  A Clockwork Orange is an organism that looks beautiful on the outside but is nothing more than a mechanical toy that is wound up.

The media has been declining for years in status and the content it delivers.  A combination of technology and a poor product is speeding the decline.  It now finds itself at the crossroads and I’m hoping the current iteration becomes road kill.  I much rather prefer objective journalists that simply covers the news. Unfortunately, those bastions of the press are long gone.

The second stringers are long on ego and arrogance and short on style and prose.  They are so full of hubris they cannot phantom people no longer liking or trusting them.  We all know how much the media loves polls. Well, a recent Gallop poll found public trust in journalists has hit a new low.

The daily skirmishes between the media and President-elect Donald Trump are not helping the media improve its image and getting ridiculous.  The media just does not get it.  It seems most people hate the media more than Trump.

Trump benefited from a large number of his 60 million votes hating Hillary Clinton more than him and now he’s getting a pass with the media.  And most members of the media either do not comprehend or cannot accept they are Trump’s Teflon.

Nothing the media says or does will stick to Trump because we do not like, trust, or respect the media.  It’s plain for most people to see but the media are too full of themselves to figure it out.

The media does not realize or ignores how offended we are by its biased coverage and not simply the over-the-top hatred it has for Trump.  For years, the media has spoon fed us the narrative it wanted versus the actual story.  The WikiLeaks information proved what everyone already knew about the media. The arrogance that it did nothing wrong is what insults most people.

And true to form the media is focusing on bogus stories involving Russian spies rather than apologizing for its bias.  That is like saying the story of Watergate was about people breaking into the hotel versus the information it revealed.  Rather than focus on the content of the leaked information, the media focused on the hacking.  The disingenuous coverage angered us even more.

The stupid logic that it was the media’s obligation to save us from ourselves by lambasting Trump each day while allowing Hillary Clinton to skate by without a single challenge is laughable.

News flash: Most Americans do not like being told what to do, how to think, or how to act.  We are Americans and prefer our freedom to be our own.

Back to A Clockwork Orange the book or movie.  The main character is a despicable person who goes on a crime spree.  The audience hates this man. He ends up in jail and agrees to participate in an experimental aversion therapy study to rid him of his violent tendencies.

As it unfolds, the main character becomes the victim in a number of atrocities and the audience begins to rally around him.  Much like today’s media, society in A Clockwork Orange became more despicable than the antagonist who then became likable.

We have a flawed president-elect that should have gone the way of Gary Hart.  The media tried so hard to get him.  It also looked the other way so often for Clinton’s transgressions it made Linda Blair’s head turn in The Exorcist seem a quarter turn.  We saw the inherent unfairness in its coverage and that made Trump more likable to us.

I must admit I am enjoying the turn of events and glad the media is finally getting a dose of reality.  If members of the media were smart it should simply wait and bide its time.  There will come a time when the public tires of trump’s bombastic antics and the tables will turn.

While waiting for the inevitable, the media can take stock of itself and learn from its mistakes.  It will never do it – most arrogance is unfounded and everlasting. Above all else, it needs to learn the meaning of the word objective.

About Armando Diana

A freelance writer for more than 30 years I covered the political scene in New Jersey which can prepare anyone for national politics. I have no fancy political degrees and I'm definitely not a lawyer - I am a common person who is fed up with politics. I want leaders focused on doing what is right for the country, not for them.
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