No one is perfect, accept responsibility and move on

There comes a time when you need to take responsibility for your actions and be held accountable.  This is a lost art.  We simply make excuses for our behavior and typically blame someone else or society.

How is society responsible for your behavior?  Some people are dealt a raw hand but rising above the tide should be encouraged.  This is one facet of Liberals that drives me nuts. The Liberal philosophy in theory is not for me but I can understand the premise.

The Liberal practice – especially as employed in today’s “not me” society – is maddening.

Mariah Carey blames everyone but herself for her New Year’s Eve debacle onstage.  Let’s put aside the fact she did not do a sound check but she didn’t even know the words to her own song. Heck, the audience knew the words better to her song than she did.

Rather than accept responsibility for not preparing properly, she launches an attack on the production company. Her diva attitude is typical of the elites.

Hillary Clinton blames the Russians and leaked e-mails for her loss to president-elect Donald Trump.  She also blames James Comey.  Democrats have conjured numerous “reasons” for her loss.

Not once has she or her entourage accepted the truth.  It was the content of the e-mails that sank her campaign.  I do not ever recall the media pointing out Deep Throat was leaking confidential information.  It ran with the information as investigative journalism.

The political and media elites blame dumb Americans for voting for Trump.  Will it ever dawn on them that perhaps the failed policies of the past eight years could have anything to do with the American public unrest?

President Obama rationalizes he could have won a third term by articulating “the message.” Why is “Making America Great Again” code for white supremacy but “articulating the message” is not considered code for minority revolution?

Obama repudiates the election results and constantly touts his popularity.  He conveniently forgets to mention his party has lost 1,042 legislative seats during his tenure.  It’s great to be popular but he appears to be a huge liability to his party.

I’m Catholic and believe the last person who was perfect died on a cross.  Most of us are hoping old age does us in.  No one is perfect.  We make mistakes.  There is nothing wrong with saying “Yep, I messed up.”  In fact, most successful people are able to admit their mistakes and move on.

These apologists and revisionists are only fooling themselves.  The rest of us see right through them and I am hoping all future election results continue to redefine what we want in our leaders.

I also hope Trump learns from the lessons of his predecessor.  He needs to stop blaming others and start accepting reality.


About Armando Diana

A freelance writer for more than 25 years I covered the political scene in New Jersey which can prepare anyone for national politics. I have no fancy political degrees and I'm definitely not a lawyer - I am a common person who is fed up with politics. I want leaders focused on doing what is right for the country, not for them.
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2 Responses to No one is perfect, accept responsibility and move on

  1. I mostly agree with the title, though people commonly use “nobody’s perfect” as a way of falsely implying “therefore all mistakes are equal”. People’s flaws are not equal, nor are their mistakes. Some are worse, some better.

    Society influences behavior through a commonality of cultural experiences and shared values. That doesn’t make it a sole determinant, but it’s a factor. (I believe genetics is a larger factor.) One example of how society can shape behavior would be growing up as a member of a religion. Others include social class, ethnic subculture, and level of education.

    The time it takes to accept responsibility for one’s mistakes varies individual by individual, and the amount of simplicity of a situation under post-mortem surely matters. The election was a complex event, with many causes for the close result, not just the emails, Russians and Comey (though they were shown to affect late deciders). Choosing a “status quo” candidate during a period when voters wanted more overt remedies for problems could have doomed either party, but only one party took this action. Sexism is a factor too. Some voters, especially older ones, believe men make better leaders. They grew up with fewer women in government or as any kind of boss. Mrs. Clinton lacks personal charisma, and the “beer factor” counts even if Trump doesn’t drink. Voters have their own hierarchy of which kinds of negatives matter more. Both candidates had baggage, and both individuals still do.

    I fully share your hope that PE Trump learns from Obama’s mistakes, but I doubt he will learn much of anything unless he experiences some dire failures resulting from his own actions in office. It’s one of the traps inherent in being a “doer” personality – a lack of reflectivity.

    • Well said. I share your view regarding Trump’s ability to be self-aware enough to realize mistakes. Everyone has an inherent bias regarding how they perceive the world. That said, I do not think it is as institutionalized among groups of people as the media likes to portray.

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