Media earned the the title of Fake News and must earn the trust back

I recently had the “pleasure” of attending a conference in Washington, DC on media relations and was surrounded by journalists.

Although the conference was meant to be instructional for people in business hoping to place stories in the media it quickly became an exercise in whining.  The topic of Fake News was a constant theme although it was never once mentioned on the agenda.  It seems the poor babies in the media are pitching a tantrum because no one believes them anymore and they were blaming everyone but the real culprits.

And, in typically Liberal media fashion, they tried to change the narrative to suit their agenda.  Suddenly, Fake News is no longer the intentional misinformation of a topic but positioned as “honest mistakes.”  To begin with, I am hard pressed to find anyone in the media that is honest.  It is even harder to find anyone in the media that will admit to a mistake.

Oh they’ll tell us there was an error that slipped by the “high standards” they set for themselves but no one will say “Yep, I blew that story.”  To be fair, I do not think most practitioners of Fake News purposely try to mislead the public.

No.  I think most Liberal media types are so eager to promote something bad about President Trump they do not fact check properly or spend the time doing their jobs…relating information the general public will fond of interest or needs to know.

A case in point is CNN which has no credibility with me.  Yesterday, CNN was focused on President Trump’s his soda drinking habits rather than on an attempted terrorist attack in New York City. Sodagate was meant to embarrass him, not inform the public.  Are we really better people knowing the man likes to drink Diet Coke throughout the day?

The issue the media continually misses is we want the news not be the witnesses to a witch hunt.  That’s why the media is losing credibility faster than plunging NFL TV ratings.

President Trump is no saint. At times, he’s a bully, jerk, pompous, and childish.  At other times he’s all those things at once.  But, then again, so are most of us.  He’s also focused, driven, dedicated to getting the job done, and true leader. However, the media goes out of its way to only focus on the bad and, if none exists, sensationalize a non-existent issue like soda consumption.

That is a good strategy to drive ratings among a certain sector of society but not so good at actually practicing the art of journalism.  At some point in the near future, the anti-Trump media outlets will realize the clientele they are attracting are not the “right demographic” for their advertisers.

You know what I didn’t hear throughout the conference? I didn’t hear anyone take ownership, responsibility or accountability for being a part of the problem.  The media is not the entire problem.  It takes two to Tango but it won’t even acknowledge it has a bias against anything or anyone that does not hold their viewpoint.

I have never met a less self-aware group than politicians and journalists. I have never met a group that steadfastly refuses to see its culpability in its demise.  The traditional media as we know it today will be gone tomorrow and as they write – 30 – at the end of their story, they’ll still be blaming others.

About Armando Diana

A freelance writer for more than 30 years I covered the political scene in New Jersey which can prepare anyone for national politics. I have no fancy political degrees and I'm definitely not a lawyer - I am a common person who is fed up with politics. I want leaders focused on doing what is right for the country, not for them.
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2 Responses to Media earned the the title of Fake News and must earn the trust back

  1. jonolan says:

    Simply put, none of them ARE journalists and should neither be thought of- or treated as such.

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