The media should be charged with assault and battery on free speech

There is an assault occurring every day that no one seems inclined to stop.  It’s not a physical assault but it probably will do more damage.

Sarah Jeong is a tech writer for the New York Times who recently came under fire for racists tweets she made four years ago.  She tweeted she enjoys being “cruel to old white men.”  Of course, the main stream ignored her transgression as “derogatory and offensive comments.”

This same media had a completely different approach for Roseanne Barr who made equally offensive and derogatory comments but they were deemed racists so she lost her TV show. Double standard?  Of course; but we’ve come to expect that from the media.

Athletes have also been attacked for past social media posts and booed mercilessly when they appeared on the field.  In each case, the media called for their heads on a platter and we were treated to the obligatory apology stating they are no longer the people they were when they wrote the posts.

You know what?  They are right?

I do not think Jeong or any of the athletes should be “punished” for opinions they held long ago.  It gives us a glimpse of who they were not who they are.  What Jeong thought in 2014 has no bearing on her writing for the New York Times today.  If we see a bias in her writing today that reflects what she thought a few years ago, then the New York Times needs to come down from the high horse and act.  Until then, who cares what a tech writer thought about white people?

And that is the assault.  It is the double standard on our right to free speech.  The media will hold everyone to task that does not share their philosophical view.  They give a pass to those that agree with them.  Look at the way the media celebrates the University of Berkley when it prohibits a conservative from speaking on campus but is outraged if a conservative college prevents a liberal from speaking.

A vast majority of the populace despises that double standard and the media is oblivious to that small detail.  In fact, the media believes, and portrays, that segment of the population as “undesirables.”  The more it does it the more popular President trump will become.

I am not a fan of the manner President Trump chooses to express his dissatisfaction on social media.  It’s not presidential in my mind but it’s his right to express himself the way he sees fit.  I think President Trump is so popular among his followers because he expresses a frustration with the media how many wish they can.

That and he gets away with it.  For example, he allegedly referred to some African nations as a “s**thole.”  That episode blew over.  Xenia Orona, a campaign staffer for a leading Democratic candidate for governor of Arizona, resigned her post after a conservative blog uncovered social media posts she made calling America a “s**thole.”

I do not agree with Orona but she has the right to her opinion.  I do not think her opinion of America should warrant her losing a job. I think if she should lose her job if she is incapable of doing her job or her opinion of America affects her ability to do the job.  And I think the blogger is a jerk for bringing up irrelevant information.

Conservative and Liberal media personnel should stop trying to destroy those they do not like and start providing information so the rest of us can make up our own minds!


About Armando Diana

A freelance writer for more than 30 years I covered the political scene in New Jersey which can prepare anyone for national politics. I have no fancy political degrees and I'm definitely not a lawyer - I am a common person who is fed up with politics. I want leaders focused on doing what is right for the country, not for them.
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