The truth is attacked by all sides of the agenda

In the middle of the ring stands truth.  In the other four corners we have agendas.  The truth is fighting this battle alone against many agendas.  In fact, there are so many competing agendas the truth gets lost in the shuffle.  And that is exactly what politicians want.

So here we have what seems like a decent man in Brett Kavanaugh being destroyed by ideologues intent on pushing their will despite logic, truth, and justice.  And, isn’t it ironic that justice is lost when picking the next supreme court justice.

Where to start?  Where to start?

We have Senator Diane Feinstein who waits until the eleventh hour to produce a letter from Dr. Christine Blasey Ford accusing Kavanaugh of attempted rape 30 years ago.  This information was so important that Senator Feinstein held it for two months before releasing it. She even publicly admitted that she is unsure whether the allegations are true.

Dr. Ford vividly remembers Kavanaugh attempting to rape her but does not remember exactly where or when or who else was there other than one of Kavanaugh’s friends who refutes her story.  She demanded to have a hearing and the Senate Judiciary Committee granted her wish but she is now refusing to appear unless an FBI investigation happens first.  It must be nice to dictate to a senatorial body.

Then we have Dr. Ford’s attorney’s, Lisa Banks and Debra Katz, channeling Michael Avenatti and using Dr. Ford to advance their own agenda.  They are positioning Dr. Ford as a victim of rape and a victim of the bully Republicans who agree to hear Dr. Ford’s allegations but they claim it’s an unfair to put her in such a position.  They conveniently forget they asked for the hearing.

The Republicans are not innocent in this.  They are pretending to be sensitive to Dr. Ford’s accusations in this #Metoo era but are really posturing to prove her claim frivolous and false. In fact, Senator Chuck Grassley, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, was kind enough to offer Dr. Ford to be heard in a closed session or said he would go to her at a location of her choice.  Dr. Ford refused and Senator Grassley thinks he fooled people that he was being caring and understanding.

The Democrats and their allies in the media are blowing this out of proportion and demanding an FBI investigation.  Liberals say everyone believes a man when he comes forward with allegations against a priest 30 years ago but women are ridiculed for waiting too long.

That’s a nice sound bite but, as usual with politicians, it misses the point.  The only reason the media and politicians believe the men is because it is against the Catholic Church.  The media loves attacking Catholics almost as much as Trump supporters.  Plus, the Catholic Church admitted guilt in some of those cases.

Kavanaugh has maintained his innocence.  All his colleagues – including those with vastly different viewpoints – have lauded his jurist prudence. Corroborating “evidence” in this case is not only sketchy but it’s non-existent.  If Dr. Ford cannot remember who else was at the party or where the party was at the time of the alleged attack, what is the FBI going to investigate.

The lawyers say a Senate hearing will only be a “He said/she said.”  Without witnesses, a location, a time, or any substantive evidence what do the lawyers think an FBI investigation will be? Democrats say they do not think Dr. Ford should appear before the committee because Republicans “appear to have made up their minds.” That is so rich coming from a group that opposed Kavanaugh’s selection minutes after he was announced as President Trump’s nominee.

Republicans are accusing Democrats of “delay and obstruction … with every argument available.”  They should know, just as Judge Merrick Garland how his supreme court candidacy turned out in 2016.  It seems Republicans are getting a taste of their own medicine.

All this nonsense boils down to a simple truth.

Democrats will stop at nothing to delay a supreme court appointment before the November elections.  They do not care who they use or what movement they trample to get what they want.  Republicans will stop at nothing to have a supreme court justice in place before the mid-term elections.  They are steadfast on pushing their candidate through even if it means there is a slight possibility the man is a molester.

Meanwhile, a man’s life is being destroyed.  A woman’s life may have been destroyed before she really had a chance to get started but is certainly now in complete disarray.  Democrats and Republicans are locked in an epic battle of stupidity and have only themselves to blame. And a nation gets more cynical, frustrated and disillusioned with each passing day.

That combination led to the election of President Trump.  If the political ruling class is not careful the next election will bring even more change.  I certainly hope so!

About Armando Diana

A freelance writer for more than 30 years I covered the political scene in New Jersey which can prepare anyone for national politics. I have no fancy political degrees and I'm definitely not a lawyer - I am a common person who is fed up with politics. I want leaders focused on doing what is right for the country, not for them.
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2 Responses to The truth is attacked by all sides of the agenda

  1. Cabin 1954 says:

    I agree. I pray that the November elections bring about the largest number of third party candidates being elected in like Forever and Ever.

  2. Armando Diana says:

    That would be the best and loudest message sent and I hope it happens

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