About Uncommon Sense

Common sense is having sound judgment by understanding the obvious when looking at facts. Anyone that has listened to politicians, spent a day in Corporate America, dealt with bureaucrats, or wondered how reality TV survives knows common sense in America has been hijacked.

What once was common sense has been devoured by political correctness. It has been overrun by a sense of entitlement where playing the victim trumps accountability and making excuses is a substitute for responsibility. We live in a world where self-sufficiency is on death row and dependency is free on bail. That defeatist mindset is not only encouraged but glamorized by a mass media devoid of its original purpose.

Common sense is now uncommon. The basic level of practical knowledge and judgment that we all need to help us live in a reasonable and safe way has gone underground and forced into hiding. Uncommon Sense presents you with an argument for freedom gained by dissenting, liberty from the tyranny of dependence, and for independence gained by self-reliance. Please join the conversation.