When the king and the queen are gone, each piece is the same.  The difference between us is a part of the game.

Gee, a politician that’s a hypocrite.  What’s next, a news organization that is slanted?

Liberals are up-in-arms about former President Obama living the high life in retirement.  They think he should not be taking so many millionaire and billionaire luxury retreats.  Why not?  The man gave up so much of his life for public service – and probably shortened it by a few years.

I may not like his policies but he served the country so he deserves time to do what he wants in retirement.  Plus, it’s no one’s business how he chooses to spend his time.

A number of Liberals seem to think his globetrotting to Marlon Brando’s private island and hanging with Sir Richard Branson on Necker Island is excessive. Did they really think he cared about the commoner?  Did they truly believe he meant his words regarding his fight for the middle class and the poor?


No politician believes in anything but their own ego.  Most “average” Americans with integrity are too smart to enter politics.  It’s a dirty business and they will not to sell their soul for votes.

Ever wonder why politics attracts the lowest common denominator when it comes to integrity, ethics, and a moral compass?  In order to succeed in politics you need the ability to shut off that part of your soul that worries about such quaint aspects of life.

It amazes me how most followers, fans, groupies, – whatever you want to call them – actually believe the people they are following care for anyone but themselves.

Here’s a public service announcement: In general, the only people in the world who care about you are your parents and yourself.  The rest of the population is busy caring about themselves or their children. For those of us that are religious we believe our God cares about us.  That’s it.

If you think someone who has never met you and does not know your story cares about you I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale. Cheap.

President Obama has every right to demand whatever exorbitant fees he wants to speak at the very Wall Street firms he railed against during his campaigns. If he wants to hang at the exclusive Mid Pacific Country Club in Oahu or the thirtieth century Borgo Finocchieto in Tuscany; let him.

If that shatters your image of whom you thought he was or what he stood for then I think you need to take a deep look into why you believe such things.  And this does not simply go for President Obama.  Every politician is the same.

Once you realize a politician is only into public service to help him or herself you will stop marching in silly protest rallies or play the pawn in someone else’s game.

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Save the drama and stick to the business

“Boy, the last time there was a leak like this, Noah built hisself a boat.”, James A. Wells, Assistant U.S. Attorney General played by Wilford Brimley in the movie Absence of Malice.

The media has romanticized leakers ever since William Mark Felt Sr., Deputy Director of the FBI, AKA Deep Throat, toppled President Richard Nixon.  Apparently, the FBI breeds leakers as former FBI Director James Comey proved during his testimony this past week.

The problem with leakers is their actions are typically about advancing their personal agenda versus helping the American people.  I hope someone in Congress or the Senate has the you-know-what to prosecute him because what he did was illegal.

But the political ruling class has its own code of justice.   Law breakers like Hillary Clinton and Comey get a pass because they are part of the establishment and no one on the inside is touched. Illegal immigrants aren’t prosecuted because they want the votes. It seems, in government, it’s only prosecutable if the actions hurt the politicians’ re-election bid.

So, most of these pariahs feed off the electorate by manufacturing issues against those outside the clique.  The Russian probe is a great example.  However, the reason President Trump is so despised by the “In crowd: is because he hits back which brings us the counter story of leakers.

I don’t know which story is more annoying.  I do know the focus on these stories only detracts from the business at hand of running the nation.  And that is why the politicians focus so much on the stories.

The Russian probe charade will drag out for two years.  And what’s in two years? Oh, I know, the mid-term elections.  The Democrats will have successfully stalled President Trump’s agenda of tax code reform, building a wall, and repealing Obamacare.  They hope to parlay that into congressional and senate seats for their party.

But we hold the trump card, per se. We can vote the bastards out and replace any obstructionist with people interested in working for the people, not themselves.  And that includes the Republicans.  Once these losers see the American people are not fooled by their antics and suffer at the polls, we’ll finally start draining the swamp.

Let’s look at the manufactured issues. Leaking government information to anyone is illegal. Conspiring with a foreign nation to rig an election is also illegal.  We now have a self-admitted leaker free to leak again but there is no evidence anyone in the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians to steal the election from Clinton.

There is proof, however, that Clinton colluded with the Democratic National Committee to steal the presidential nomination from Senator Bernie Senators but all parties are free steal another nomination in the future. Ironically, the proof is in the form of a leak.

I’m beginning to sense politicians judge others as they judge themselves/

Meanwhile, the media is providing frantic wall-to-wall “Russia-hacked-the-election” coverage and missing the actual collusion.  Comey and Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller are close friends – a mentor (Mueller)-protégé (Comey) relationship.

By his own testimony, Comey said he purposefully leaked information to the New York Times in hopes of forcing congress to appoint a special prosecutor. It worked and his buddy Mueller got the job.

He also admitted under oath working with Mueller on his testimony. So Comey is the star witness against President Trump and his close friend Mueller is the special prosecutor – does anyone have an issue with Mueller’s conflict of interest?

Can anyone on Senate Intelligence Committee see case that Mueller and Comey colluded on the testimony?

Not only that, but how can anyone accept Mueller’s findings as impartial?  I see another magic bullet story in the works.  By the way, Senate and Intelligence are only in the same sentence when referring to a committee.

At least the leaker story has some evidence while the Russian story has no legs.  Of course, the media focuses more on the Russian probe story because it fits their narrative.

Regardless, we need action on issues that affect our daily lives.  We don’t need a reality show soap opera playing out in Washington, DC.

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A taste of their own medicine; fighting fire with fire

Uh-Oh, it seems Liberals do not like a taste of their own medicine. For years, Liberal news organizations have set the agenda of what is and is not acceptable as free speech.  Typically, anything a Liberal wants to say or do is protected under free speech but the same is not true for a Conservative.

Ann Coulter lost income when she was prevented from speaking at the University of Berkley a month ago.  In this case, the media sided with the protesters’ right to prevent a speaker they did not want to hear.  We heard nothing but crickets when it came to the media defending Coulter’s right to speak.

Contrast the media’s approach to Coulter with Kathy Griffin’s plight.  Griffin posed for a picture holding a bloodied, severed head in the likeness of President Trump.  The backlash was almost instantaneous and Griffin lost a few jobs and whatever dignity a D-list actress has.

However, the media is portraying her as a victim of the Trump family mobilizing its army against those who disagree with the president.  Griffin tearfully held a press conference where she said her “career is over” and then blamed “…a bunch of old white guys trying to silence me and I’m just here to say that it’s wrong.”

Of course, her civil rights lawyer, Lisa Bloom, said “The message is clear, criticize the president lose your job….”

Griffin has every right to say what she wants about the president but must be willing to accept the consequences for her actions.  And therein lies the rub.  Liberals want no accountability or responsibility for their actions.

And a note to Bloom: Criticizing a president is one thing but what Griffin did was not criticism.  But like every typical Liberal lawyer the game is to change the dialog and paint Griffin as a victim.  That’s not the case.  And where was Bloom when the Left was attacking Sean Hannity and trying to rob him of his sponsors?

Griffin took an action.  A majority of the public felt that action was beyond the pale.  Griffin must face the consequences.  I’m surprised she didn’t take a page out of Hillary Clinton’s playbook and blame James Comey.

It may be me but I don’t think this is a hard concept to grasp.  In Coulter’s case, if you do not want to hear her speak; don’t attend the event but don’t prevent others who want to hear her from attending.

I think what Griffin did was in extreme poor taste but I do not want to impede her right to express her views. However, I choose not to support her.

I am not a fan of boycotts. I think they are stupid because they are meant to bully people into a certain way of thinking. Isn’t that the point of terrorism?

Anyway, there is no need to organize boycotts. The free market takes care of these things on its own.  If you do not like a TV or radio show; change the channel.  If you do not want to hear a speaker; don’t go to the speech.  If you do not like shopping at a certain store because they are against the LGBT community; don’t shop there.  This is not a hard concept.

If enough people take the same action the TV or radio show gets cancelled.  The speaker will stop getting invites. The retail store will go out of business.  It’s like a system.

But we have organizations like Media Matters for America that tries to silence opposing voices. Of course, this is a Liberal organization that sanctimoniously believes it is the authority on what can and cannot be said.  For years, it has terrorized Conservative voices by organizing boycotts to silence them.

Maybe it’s the pugilistic nature of President Trump to hit back when hit, but Conservatives are finally beginning to fight back.  An organization called Media Equality is getting started and plans to fight fire with fire.  They are not organizing or asking for a boycott.  They are listing the advertisers to Liberal shows for their followers.

Market forces will take it from there.  As you might imagine, Liberals are not taking this development with aplomb.  Like I said at the beginning of this blog, Liberals do not like a taste of their own medicine.

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Replace the word Trump with Obama and see if the media reacts the same way

The Political Ruling Class is crazed with hate for President Trump and spends more time plotting against him than getting things done for the people.

There is a simple reason for this:

  • Liberals despise President Trump because he capitalized on their ineptness in understanding the electorate and won
  • Conservatives do not trust President Trump because he really is not a conservative but masqueraded as one during the campaign and capitalized on the overall ineptness of the Republican Party.
  • Mainstream Democrats and Republicans loathe President Trump because he is an outsider who upset their apple cart
  • The Political Establishment (the Swamp) hates President Trump because no one likes losing power
  • The mainstream media can’t stand President Trump because he does not genuflect at the altar of their pen and no one likes losing influence
  • Hillary Clinton disciples feel he stole the election from her rather than face the reality that she was a flawed candidate so nothing he does will ever satisfy them

With so many factions against him do you think President Trump has a fair shot at being president?  This is a classic case of power brokers flexing their muscles to teach the upstart a lesson.

The real danger is no one is focused on solving our country’s issues.  In this regard President Trump owns half the blame because of missteps creating by his own doing. That is understandable as all new presidents go through an adjustment.  It’s understandable but needs to stop.

President Clinton had a rough start but got his act together after the first nine months and he is a skilled politician.  President George W Bush also had a rough start and he is not a skilled politician. President Obama continued the trend but was given a pass by the media.

Here’s all you need to know about the “issues” haunting President Trump.  Replace the word Trump with Obama and see if the media reacts the same way.  A case in point: The firing of FBI Director James Comey.  If President Obama fired him under the exact same circumstances, would the media react the same way it is today?

All Democrats called for Comey to be fired in October and the media obliged by running stories of why he should be fired.  Suddenly, his firing is a conspiracy and all Democrats say he should not have been fired.

To be fair; if proof beyond the shadow of a doubt is submitted that proves President Trump obstructed justice or colluded with the Russians to “fix” the election he needs to be removed from office.  However, no such evidence exists.

The New York Times continues its precipitous decline to standard journalistic practices by the stories it runs without proof.  You mean to tell me the editors would not have plastered a copy of Comey’s memo on the front page and website if it had it?  They print a story based on some operative reading them a memo over the phone and that is considered journalism?  Ever hear of getting three sources?  They are making a mockery of journalism.

President Trump has too many obstacles in his way to drain the swamp.  He may not be able to drain the swamp….but we can starting with the mid-term elections.

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It’s the bomb you don’t hear that gets you

Democrats are faced with the same issue Republicans faced during the Obstruct Obama Tour. They have nothing to say other than vote against Trump.

How did that work out for Hillary?  Ask Jon Ossoff or James Thompson how that strategy worked out.

The political ruling class is clueless to what its constituents want and that’s a problem. The Republicans have the same issue in this regard. Both parties are so insulated in their vacuous worlds they lost touch with reality. I listen to the blowhard talk radio personalities screaming for Republicans have a mandate and must to conquer t Democrats. I hear Democrats must resist Republicans.

There is no mandate and resistance I futile.

It took a nuclear option to get an imminently qualified Supreme Court nominee approved. The Republicans can’t get out of their own way to pass healthcare reform. Plus, half the Republicans don’t want to support President Trump.

The Democrats are misreading the current voting environment and resisting what amounts to a center-right agenda will lead to their demise.

From a strategic point of view, if you have no cohesion in the party and very little stomach to make hard decisions it’s time to change strategies.  Compromise must be an option. President Trump recognizes this because he is a businessman.  In business, the joy of compromise is getting the deal.

By compromise, I do not mean giving up your principles but you better be willing to lose your seat for those principles. I mean figure out what you definitely need to have in whatever legislation is before you and fight for it.  But give ground on the not-so-important pieces.

Compromising is a sure way of not getting everything you want but is a recipe for moving the country forward.

The American public wants a deal. Not words, not insults, not Tweets in the Night (Although they are entertaining). We want things done. The political ruling class does not comprehend this desire.  The ideologues – both in congress and on the airwaves – do not understand this concept.

To them winning is getting their way but no one truly wins that way. What they fail to realize is the Trump Phenomena is more than an anti-Hillary vote.  It’s more than the American’s public desire to give an outsider a chance.  It’s more than a personality driven win.  This is all the gibberish “the experts” rationalize to distract you from the fact they were wrong.

What those inside the beltway don’t get is America is a Center-Right Nation.  A January 2017 Politico-Harvard Poll found 57% of those polled believe unauthorized immigrants in America is a serious problem.  Yet the political ruling class position them as victims trying to make a better life. All criminals break the law in hopes of improving their lives but we do not glorify them.

The Politico-Harvard poll also found 63% of Americans believe that lowering corporate taxes would be effective at bringing jobs and business back to the United States. That same poll indicated 53% believe cuts on federal income taxes, will benefit them personally.

I do not think a poll asking “Do you support obstructionist behavior from either party” will garner a majority. The solution is simple. Get rid of those politicians that are obstacles.  After they lose the election, much like Hillary Clinton, they will blame everything and everyone but themselves.

They will be shocked they lost because they did not see it coming.



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Going nuclear will destroy the fabric of the Senate

The debate of the century is underway. Well, it is if you listen to the news hyperbole to drive eyeballs and clicks.  In truth, if Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell drops the nuclear option this week the damage will never be undone.

The Senate began closing debates today on Judge Neil Gorsuch, President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee. The Democrats seemingly have enough votes to block his nomination through a filibuster.  The Republicans need 60 votes to stop a filibuster.  They have 55 if you count three Democrats willing to go along with them.

Senator McConnell can change procedural rules to stop a filibuster with a simple majority.  That is the nuclear option.

Think about this for a minute.  If Senator McConnell invokes the nuclear option like Democratic Senator Harry Reed did during his tenure of destruction, it changes the fabric of the Senate forever.  That means whichever party is in the majority has carte blanche to pick whichever extreme judge it wishes.  That should terrify and elate most extremists at the same time.

The Left Wing and Right Wing nut jobs will love the opportunity to transform the Court to their extreme delight.  They will also loathe the option when the opposition controls the Senate. That means political campaigns will become far more important.  The higher the stakes, the more extreme behavior and actions will occur.

Is the current crop of Democratic Senators really that stupid to risk the next four years to oppose a judge that will not alter the makeup of the Court one iota from what it was before Justice Antonin Scalia’s death?

That is a foolish decision.

My advice to both sides is to invoke the dirty “C” word. No, not that “C” word..,I’m referring to compromise.

If I’m Senator McConnell I simply tell Senator Chuck Schumer to consider his options carefully.  The choice of Judge Gorsuch is not too extreme.  It’s a more mainstream selection than we have seen in decades.  If I’m Senator Schumer I save my bullets for the next fight that will change the complexion of the Court.

Also, Senator McConnell needs to consider a small fact.  I have maintained from the start President Trump is not a Conservative.  What if I’m right? Once Senator McConnell invokes the nuclear option and President Trump selects a Left leaning judge on the next round; the Democrats can turn the tables.

All the Democrats will need is 51 votes to break a filibuster and with so many Democrats in Republican clothing (called Moderate Republicans) lurking in the Senate the tables can turn quickly.

The Democrats claim President Trump is an illegitimate president because he did not win the popular vote – the Majority of voters.  In this instance, they claim majority should rule.  Well, the majority of the Senate (52 republicans) wants Judge Gorsuch.  Shouldn’t majority rule now?

In my view, no.  We have an Electoral College for a reason just like we have a filibuster for a reason.  In normal times those rules and precedents should win the day.  Unfortunately, in today’s vitriol environment it seems Senator McConnell will have no choice but to go nuclear.

I think Kerry Livgren and Steve Walsh, of Kansas, wrote it best: “While everyone clamors for the justice they seek/The world is corrupted and the strong take the weak

Right now, the Republicans are the strong and the Democrats are the weak.  If the Senators care about the country they will figure out a way to work together and with President Trump.  Since we know they only care about themselves perhaps someone should tell them self-preservation relies on working together.

If Senator McConnell goes nuclear the Republicans will get Judge Gorsuch and every other future judge appointed until they are out of power.  Then it will be the Democrats turn when they are in power.

Is that the price we want to pay to get our way?

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High school baseball coaches’ failure to coach fails teenagers


This time of year I am constantly aggravated. I shouldn’t be because I love the start of pre-season baseball in anticipation for opening day.  But this is also the time of year when high school baseball starts in New Jersey.

I love baseball and enjoy coaching my travel baseball team.  In my mind that makes me a coach but we all know that’s not really true.  That doesn’t stop me from thinking most high school baseball coaches are the Forrest Gump of the coaching world.

I have never witnessed a bigger compilation of idiots who believe themselves to be real this side of congress.  Most baseball coaches are frustrated college players or washed out minor league players who could have been somebody if it weren’t for their ceiling being lower than they believe.

They think that makes them a baseball authority.  It makes them more adept at the game than most wanna be coaches like me, but it does not make them coaches. In fact, I’ve witnessed baseball coaches do more damage to young players than help.  This leads to a lot of players quitting the sport and it seems most high school coaches and Athletic Directors are OK with that outcome.

In their feeble minds, “sub-standard players” quitting makes their teams stronger.  Most freshman coaches think by winning they will become the varsity coach.  And most varsity coaches think wins will equal that plumb college job.  Most coaches are focused on the win and forget the essence of coaching teenagers in any sport is to teach them how to play the sport better.

Half of my players play for the local high school team while the other half play for parochial schools in the surrounding area. The horror stories are the same. Coaches yell. They scream. They use jargon. They threaten. They used tire platitudes.

The one thing coaches do not do is explain the jargon, teach the technique, or allow players to enjoy the sport.  In short, they do not coach.  I once heard a freshman coach scream at his team “I’m not here to teach you how to play this game. I’m not your travel team coach.”

Really? Than what is he there for?

I heard another high school varsity coach tell a player to “swing for the trees and that will fix your swing.”  I cannot even begin to comment on the stupidity of that comment so I’ll let it stand for itself.

The coach’s chase for the next opportunity drives the most destructive behavior towards adolescents imaginable.  It leads a coach to select a team comprised of players he believes will maximize wins.  Usually that means players who throw the ball hardest and hitters who hit the ball farthest.  They euphemistically call them pitchers and hitters.

Nothing can be farther from the truth.

This creates an atmosphere where players are selected to a team based on physical attributes and not refined skills to play baseball.  So, players who know how to the play the game but are not endowed with a standout of any of the five tools will be cut.  I tell those players that a coach selects a team based on his or her pre-determined criteria. It does not mean those cut “are not good players.”  No. They are simply not players that fit the coach’s mold.  All it takes is for a coach to explain his decision to a teenager.

But these cowards have one-on-one “meetings” with players and simply say they are cut. No explanation, no reason.  In some cases, Coaches tell the teenager “you were not good enough.”  That may be true for some but the majority of players are cut because the coach has a myopic view of the game.

It is not a bad lesson of life.  Sometimes you have to deal with idiots that are your boss.

Youth sports have devolved into a scholarship chase littered with delusions of grandeur and broken dreams blamed on others. The fun is gone.  And the joy of playing joined fun on the way out the door.

There is plenty of blame to go around but it mostly resides with the number one culprit: money. Parents spend all kinds of money on lessons in hopes their children get a scholarship.  If they saved the money, they would have enough to pay for a semester of college.

Are high school coaches a product of this environment?  Maybe.  It still does not excuse destructive behavior towards teenagers.  Players who are destined to go pro play in elite programs.  The high schools ride their coattails for bragging rights when they do turn pro.  It helps when fundraising for their programs.

Most of the players on a high school team will not advance past their varsity team.  I think a little perspective is in order.


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