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Media earned the the title of Fake News and must earn the trust back

I recently had the “pleasure” of attending a conference in Washington, DC on media relations and was surrounded by journalists. Although the conference was meant to be instructional for people in business hoping to place stories in the media it … Continue reading

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It’s time the NFL learns that every action has an opposite and equal reaction

The media considers it a political stunt when Vice President Mike Pence leaves a football game because he is offended by players disrespecting the flag. That same media does not consider football players taking a knee during the national anthem … Continue reading

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When populism becomes control, democracy becomes socialism

The national anthem charade playing out on the countrywide theater is about anything but patriotism or the silly notion athletes are actually protesting inequality. I call BS. The NFL only cares about money.  President Trump only cares about President Trump.  … Continue reading

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